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Jorge Mondragon

My love for art, education, and architecture are a direct product of my numerous life changing experiences, coming from Mexico and growing up in this country. I can summarize it as a lust for life.

I was born in Mexico City. At age four my parents separated, and my mother moved me and my three siblings to the border town of Laredo. Five years later my parents reconciled and settled in Salinas, CA. At age 18, I finished high school in Salinas, went to USCS and studied philosophy politics and art, and became a teacher and taught adult, elementary and junior and high school. As an educator, I participated in the creation of numerous innovative educational programs. These programs used architecture and city planning as the framework for basic school curriculum.

After five years in education, in 1985, I decided that my life should be directly in Art and Architecture. I attended the Southern California Institute of Architecture and studied under re-known California Architects. In twenty years of practicing architecture, my interests in the building industry have focused on the development of community-based projects that expand cultural expression into Architecture (the manipulation and ownership of community space). Artistic expression can and should be practiced at the individual, group and community level.

As an artist, my single unifying theme that runs through my paintings today is a collection of natural organic patterns that create a visual complexity that departs from reality and sometimes conveys a sense of melancholy, harmony and fusion found in nature. It is my individual perspective of a world found in the creative process, simultaneously pleasurable but also containing an undercurrent of individual isolation that continuously impels one toward further discovery. Collectively, they convey monumental visions of my life’s voyage defined as a continuous process of experiences, imagery, and energy put into the canvas in abstract combinations of colors and forms. It is an attempt to achieve an artistic freedom of thought as the catalyst to connecting to a higher energy source. I believe that the highest level of freedom is embodied in the peace we each find in our individual creative process.

To purchase an art selection please email Jorge Mondragon mondragonsr@gmail.com